Casella Waste Systems

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Casella Waste Systems was founded in 1975 as a single truck operation in Rutland, Vermont. Our existing footprint stems from a combination of organic growth and strategic acquisitions. Until the late 1990’s, our growth was focused in the northeast United States with a mission to address our region’s waste management challenges intelligently, through an integrated solid waste platform, including waste collection, transfer, disposal, and recycling processing.

Vermont Electric Power Company (VELCO)

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The creation of VELCO’s first transmission lines was an efficient solution for moving newly available St. Lawrence power into Vermont. In response to rising demand for services and the oil embargo of the early seventies, VELCO’s role grew to include acting on behalf of Vermont’s utilities as the agent for out-of-state power contracts. Assuming this responsibility saved money and substantially increased reliability through newly interconnected operations. Later, VELCO was specifically tasked to serve as representative for Vermont’s combined utilities at what was the precursor to today’s ISO-New England. VELCO gave Vermont’s utilities a strong unified voice. VELCO’s construction of the Highgate converter made interconnected operations withHydro-Québec  possible and so played a role in securing the HQ power contract.